The Whitecross Street Party 

TOWARDS 15.7.2018

Over eight years the annual Whitecross Street Party has has been providing London with that rare cocktail which can only be made with interactive community spirits, mixed with a heavy splash of urban art and a large dash of the unexpected. Not to forget a very large self-deprecating cherry on top! It’s a brilliant family-friendly event for both the avid art lover and those that like something a bit different. 


After taking on the hosting of the event last summer, City YMCA London have led a consultation across the local Whitecross Street community to identify what they want from the party in order to set out a new vision for the event. A copy of the report for those interested to read it. 


In summer the party should continue but should be led by local people for local people as a free, fun and inclusive family orientated event. Noise levels should decrease and the programme orientated around showcasing the talents and giving opportunity to local community groups. 


For 2018 a Steering Group has been pulled together who will take the responsibility for planning and delivering the event. 


SUNDAY 15.7.18


The 2018 is planned for Sunday 15th July 2018 plus a community set up day on the previous Saturday. The event will present a series of decorated rooms along the street presenting: 

- Street Art Room

- Community Art Room

- Music Room

- Childrens Room

- Spoken Word Room

- Community Performance Stage

- Tea Party

- Pottery Room

- Virtual Reality Room


Each room will be hosted by a local community group. The Rooms will be supplemented with a Street Market including ways to create crafts and consume food.

City YMCA London is a Registered Charity No 1053864