Celebrate 100 years of female suffrage at the 2018 Whitecross Street Party


One of London’s best-kept secrets, this free, one-day festival tucked away behind Old Street has managed to retain is boutique, family-friendly feel, all the while providing a rollicking dose of street art, music and interactive experiences.

2018’s street party celebrates the 100th year since the first women in the UK won the right to vote.

Our Art Programme


There will be a host of art installations on that theme this year, which will remain for eight weeks as part of The Rise of the Nonconformists outdoor art exhibition, including the mesmerising Flock by Hanna Benihoud.

A suspended installation that addresses the power of the collective female voice, Flock is inspired by murmurations, in which birds flock together for safety in numbers, to keep warm, and to exchange information, behaviour that is the perfect metaphor for the plight of women today.

Other work by popular artists such as Tannaz Oroumchi, Hannah Adamaszkek, Ketones, DONK, Inkie, Nathan Bowen, and Craig Keenan will also be on show.

Paint by Numbers


For the first time you can come and paint one of our pieces of art yourself. Architect Tannaz Oroumchi has been committed to create a master plan for one huge piece of art, and you can help us paint it in at the party.

Music Room

Ceramics Room

Tea Room

Family Room

Our Party Rooms


Elsewhere at the party - which runs from 12pm to 6pm: 

Our Community Main Stage will showcase a variety of local talent from brass bands to soul singers.

Poetry fans can visit the spoken word room, hosting different artists every 15 minutes. 

Our Prior Weston Family Room hosts a wide range of creative activities for kids including African dance drumming, gymnastics, archery, face painting, henna and science experiments.

Then there’s the Kunstraum Ceramics Room and Tea Room, The SoapBox Youth Room, the LSC Music Room, the I Will Tell Butterly Story Wall, The YMCA Letters and the Ironmonger Row Active Room. 




Butterly Story Wall

Youth Room

Active Room

The Party Map

The Exhibition Map

Our Programme

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